It has been my honor and privilege to serve as your Chair of the Board for the past year.

A year ago, I was more than a little scared and very much daunted by the thought of leading this celebrated, distinguished organization. My theme for the year was “Celebrate the Past, Honor the Future,” however, my personal goals were to listen well, speak kindly, and care deeply.

Those goals helped me to learn so much more about what motivates, inspires and powers this organization and its members. Not only do we thrive from the activities and events we sponsor, but we also derive much value in the lasting relationships we build with our fellow members.

I’d like to extend my well-wishes and pledge of support to Chair of the Board Jon Tsukamoto as he embarks on his exciting, year-long journey of being at the helm of this organization.

My deepest appreciation to everyone who has contributed to this past year’s successes. A special thanks goes to the ten members of my Executive Committee who guided and served as lead supporters of our various committees and sub-committees:

Clayton Hill
Mark Ibara
Jason Ito
Karl Kobayashi
Immediate Past Chair Brian Nishida
Jodi Nozoe Chang
Myles Shibata
Steven Teruya
Jon Tsukamoto
Wade Wakayama

Also, a heartfelt Mahalo to President and CEO Wayne Ishihara and staff members Merilyn Oda, Mina Sakai, Mai Shiomi and Justin Kanda for the countless hours of support of the events and activities of the HJCC.

In closing, I ask all of you for your continued support of the Honolulu Japanese Chamber of Commerce. We are truly an organization that forges meaningful connections between businesses, with our members and in our communities.

Arigato gozaimashita.

Melanie Okazaki
Immediate Past Chair
Honolulu Japanese Chamber of Commerce – 2018-2019

Regional Marketing Manager
McDonald’s Restaurants of Hawaii