The Honolulu Japanese Chamber of Commerce was founded in 1900 by a small group of Japanese merchants to assist each other after the devasting Chinatown fire that destroyed hundreds of business establishments. Over the years HJCC  has sustained its mission, has adapted to challenges and has increased its prominence in the business community.  What has not changed is our basic principle of “Members Supporting Members.”

Our primary focus  is our members, as our programs and events are designed to add value to our membership whether it be networking events or in seeking help/advice from fellow members or member companies. Most fulfilling is in building trusting relationships and lifelong friendships that contribute towards personal, professional and business growth.

As we move forward in the new fiscal year, may I encourage you to step forward to help HJCC towards a post COVID footing. The THEME for the year……

GAMBAROU (Let’s do our best together) & Exceed Expectations.

I’m honored, grateful and humbled by this opportunity to serve HJCC during an exciting and challenging time. As the saying goes, “leaders need to be comfortable in being uncomfortable” and “try and fail, try again, so we can advance together”.

If you are currently a member, we encourage you to get active through our programs and committees. If you are interested or know of someone interested in joining, please visit our website at or call me for coffee for a quick intro to HJCC.

Myles Shibata
Chair of the Board
Honolulu Japanese Chamber of Commerce – 2022-2023

MSS Consulting LLC

July 2022