Chairman's Message - Fall 2022


As the Holidays fast approach. I am pleased to report that your board has been actively engaged in seeking pathways to strengthen HJCC and to enhance value to our members. It’s an exciting time to be involved with HJCC.

Our primary focus is our members as our programs and events are designed to add value to our membership whether it be networking events or in seeking help/advice from fellow members or members companies. Most fulfilling is in building trusting relationships and lifelong friendships that contribute towards personal, professional and business growth.

The focus for the Board this year in on STRATEGY and LEADERSHIP.

STRATEGY - Offers a greater sense of direction at all levels of the organization,
HJCC established a Strategic Plan Refresh Task Force (TF) of 11 members in April. The Task Force identified High Priority and Actionable Strategies/Tactics with HJCCs long term strategic goals and membership needs in mind.

Seven Pillars of our Strategic Plan are: Membership; Finance: Program and Events: Technology, Governance & Organization; HR and Community Relations

Our Standing Committee Chairs and Vice Chairs are now in the process of meeting and implementing those Strategies/Tactics…. Focusing on high priority strategies that can be implemented quickly in the year.

Our current plan is to stay focused on the immediate priorities over the next 18 months or so and to keep monitoring our progress and adapt to new conditions that surface. In the future, it is our intention to seek a professional facilitator to help guide HJCC thru a new Five-Year Strategic Planning process.

LEADERSHIP - Gets stuff done!
We have been strategically focused on building a broad and deep “bench” of leaders and potential leaders. Our Board is comprised of 30 active members, 11 of whom serve on our Exec Committee.

For the first time, we formalized the recruitment (thru personal outreach) among our active members, to fill Vice Chair positions on our Eleven Standing Committees. The results have been fruitful and encouraging. Our 11 Standing Committee Chairs and 20 Vice Chairs (some committees have more than one Vice Chair) now account for a total of 31 engaged members with key roles and responsibilities.

For another first, we invited past chairs for a high-level face to face meeting/briefing at the beginning of the new fiscal year. We were honored to have 14 in attendance, many whom remain active and who continue to support HJCC. We value and respect their experience, contributions, knowledge and advice. They are truly GAME CHANGERS

The benefits of having such a robust HJCC LEADERSHIP line up is:

  • To have a deep roster of leaders to foster engagement among our 620 members;
  • To have leaders of different experiences, skills and perspectives to help drive our Strategy
  • To share “knowledge and know how” among a diverse group of leaders and members, including past chairs, who have a mentor like mindset
  • Provides great opportunities to enhance HJCC’s leadership capacity, continuity and succession into the future.

We are very proud and grateful to have over 70 engaged LEADERS with deep interest in supporting HJCC at all levels of the organization. HJCC LEADERSHIP is what differentiates HJCC, as the preeminent and largest membership organization in the State.

HJCC Leadership Roster
I have attached the HJCC LEADERSHIP Roster [PDF] for the new fiscal year. Please take time to review all those who have stepped up in leadership roles. I have been impressed by their engagement, swift contributions and working together with a collaborative mindset.

Finally, I'd like to thank YOU--all of our members. With your help and support, HJCC membership has increased over the last two years totaling over 620 members!

It’s truly an exciting time to be associated with HJCC. If you have an interest to get involved, please call our office or contact Steve Teruya for assistance.

Gambarou (Let’s do our best together) & Exceed Expectations

Myles Shibata
Chair of the Board
Honolulu Japanese Chamber of Commerce – 2022-2023

MSS Consulting LLC

Fall 2022